This guide contains Step-by-step instructions
that will lead you down the fastest leveling
path to lvl 80.

This guide will allow both Horde and Alliance
players to reach level 80 in Under 7 days playing time!

This system is 100% Legit – No hacks, cheats,
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Here is a screen shot of my member’s fastest leveling time
(He leveled from 1-80 in a record breaking 7 days)

New In-Game Leveling MapMod (Updated For Patch 3.3)

The In-Game Leveling MapMod shows you how to finish your quests in the easiest and fastest manner. It includes a database of quests, monsters, and items, telling you the exact location of that dang Perfect Satyr Horn you can't find. It also computes the fastest path to complete all your quests and gain experience as quickly as possible. Below is a screenshot of the In-Game Leveling MapMod.

Leveling Guide Addon Image


So Who Is Nyhm Anyway?

I have been playing World of Warcraft since day 1 when it came out back in November of 2004. Well now I am using my many years experience to make guides that will show you all the way to WoW success.

Many World of Warcraft guides have been published but the problem is that most of the information they give is just “common-knowledge” among seasoned WoW players. 

They don’t reveal anything special, just the same rehashed content (I know because I bought them all…)

That’s why I’ve been writing my very own guides for you World of Warcraft players that just need some help.


Would You Like To Level Characters Like This?

Using my leveling guide I speed leveled five characters to level 70 and recorded the play times for each one. As you can see I got faster after each character I leveled.


Play Time

First Character (Mage to Level 80)

10 Days 4 Hours

Second Character (Priest to Level 80)

9 Days 17 Hours

Third Character (Rogue To Level 80)

7 Days 15 Hours

Fourth Character (Hunter to Level 80)

6 Days 21 Hours

Fifth Character (Warrior to Level 80)

5 Days 8 Hours

Nyhm's World of Warcraft Leveling Guide
Over 230 pages of .PDF documents that will be instantly available for you to download in our member’s area after you place your secure order
Step-by-step instructions that will get you from level 1-80 in under 7 days played time
Contains detailed quest descriptions and optimized questing paths so you don’t waste any of your time
Covers leveling for all Horde and Alliance classes, right from the start of the game at level 1 to the very last level of 80
No matter what level you are at this moment, you can easily pickup this guide and use it effectively. You do not need to start from the beginning
Whether you are using this guide to level as fast as you can or just casually so you don’t get stuck, this guide will help you level so much faster
Contains an insider map to a path of items, gold and experience quests that takes you all the way up to level 80
This guide will benefit experienced players, as well as beginners
I am so confident that my guides will work for you that with your order you will get a 100% Money Back guarantee
My guides are constantly updated for new patches and with your order you will receive FREE lifetime updates

Covers Everything…

Nyhm’s Leveling Guide comes in separate sections for Horde and Alliance, and each faction has a 1-60, 60-70, and a 70-80 leveling section, so it’s all covered, you will be able to turn into a high level 80 player very quickly so long as you follow the guide. There is no grinding involved, just 100% pure and efficient step by step questing instructions.

Here Are Some Actual Emails I Received From My Member’s

“Other Guides Fall Short”

“I’ve purchased other World of Warcraft guides before claiming to reveal so many secrets but they were so hard to read with a lot of useless info, yours is so much better”
--Matthew C.

                               “I Was 2 Years Behind”

“When I started playing WoW I felt like I was 2 years behind all my friends but after I bought your guide I speed leveled right up there with all my friends.”

                                                                   --Robert J.

                                      “Got To lvl 60 In Just 5 Days”

“Thanks Nyhm for a guide that doesn’t suck. I got to lvl 60 so far in just 5 days played time. I’ll be sure to email you with my /played when I hit 70. Nyhm FTW!”

--Jeff D.

“Very Easy To Understand”

“Great Job! I love your style of writing and your ability to break things down so they are easily understood!

You have some great ideas inside of this guide. I wouldn’t have gotten to lvl 70 so fast and my epic mount without you.”
--Max F.

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Bonus #1 : Reputation Guide $29.95  FREE

This guide contains everything you need to know to get exulted with the following factions.

The Burning Crusade – Netherwing, Skyguard, Orgrila, Aldor, Scryer

Wrath of The Lich King – Argent Crusade, Kirin Tor, Knights of the Ebon Blade, The Wyrmrest Accord, Frenzyheart Tribe / The Oracles, The Kalu'ak, The Sons of Hodir

And Much More....


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Bonus #3: Newsletter Subscription $19.95 FREE

You will receive a subscription to Nyhmís Newsletter with your secure order of Nyhmís Leveling Guide.

With Nyhm’s Newsletter you will get World of Warcraft tips, hints, and all of the latest World of Warcraft news emailed to you.

I hate spam just as much as you do. Your information will not be sold, given, or traded to ANYONE. You will receive no spam!

Let’s Wrap This Up To See Everything You Will Get

You Get Everything:
  1. Nyhm’s Leveling Guide (Valued At $44.95) – The guide that will show you the fastest path to lvl 80
  1. Nyhm’s Reputation Guide (Valued At $29.95) – The guide filled with the best strategies to get exalted with the best reputations.
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  1. Nyhm’s Official Newsletter (Valued At $19.95) – You will get a subscription to Nyhm’s newsletter for a limited time only.

So How Much Will All This Cost Me?

I spent almost 4 years learning and playing just to get the information you will get with these guides. I would have paid hundreds of dollars for this information when I started, if given the chance.

If you added it up this package is valued at $94.85, we normally sell it at $59.95 BUT after your 35% discount you will only pay $39.95!

But Hold OnÖ

For just another $30 you can get Nyhmís Complete Guide Package which includes the Gold Making Guide, Leveling Guide, Profession Guide, PvP Guide, Reputation Guide, and Official Newsletter. To order the Complete Guide Package now Click Here or for more information Click Here.

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If after 60 days, you don't think it was worth the money, just send me an email and I'll refund you every cent you paid.

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You can buy Nyhm’s Warcraft Guides from ANYWHERE in the world at any time. Your order will be available for you to download IMMEDIATELY. I only use Secure Order Forms with the strongest possible encryption so that all of my customers' information is always protected.

If you have any questions about my guides, please email me at and you will get my fast reply.

To Your WoW Success,


P.S. With all of these new bonuses my guides are selling like hotcakes. So if you plan on getting any of those bonuses, you should act fast. They will not last long AT ALL!

P.P.S. After you make tons of gold and break speed leveling records using my guides please send me a testimonial and or screen shot of your success so I can add it to my website. 

P.P.P.S. Beyond this guide, all you have is Chinese Farmers/Power Leveling companies. And PLEASE don't use them. Even if you don't buy my guide. There's a VERY high risk that you will lose your account. Besides, why would you spend $300.00++ when you can get there FASTER with my guides?