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So Who Is Nyhm Anyway?

I have been playing World of Warcraft since day 1 when it came out back in November of 2004. Well now I am using my many years experience to make guides that will show you all the way to WoW success.

Many World of Warcraft guides have been published but the problem is that most of the information they give is just “common-knowledge” among seasoned WoW players. 

They don’t reveal anything special, just the same rehashed content (I know because I bought them all…)

That’s why I’ve been writing my very own guides for you World of Warcraft players that just need some help.


Would You Like To Make 10,000g In Just 7 Days?

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Using the methods and strategies from this guide you will see your account grow like the one on the left.

I have used and tested all of the strategies, to make sure they are top notch, and the quickest methods to brining in gold.

I sorted through tons of infor
mation just to select the BEST ways to make gold, and as you can see on the left It's very easy!

Imagine getting your Epic Flying Mount comfortably in such a short amount of time with lots of gold to spare.
Nyhm's World of Warcraft Gold Making Guide
Over 120 pages of .PDF documents that will be instantly available for you to download in our member’s area after you place your secure order
Step-by-step instructions that will allow you to make 10,000g in just 7 days! (currently the world record)
Shows you the very BEST gold making spots you never knew about, see which spots can make you 10,000g in just 7 days!
Shows you the best places to grind depending on your level, some playersreally sabotage all their efforts by going to the wrong, common-sense locations
Shows you how to make grinding fun. Grinding can get very boring, but usingmy tips, you will do more in less time.
Learn how to effectively buy all of your items cheap and sell them at a higher price just minutes later
Learn The 7 most important principles you need to know for using the Auction House effectively. Mastering these will turn you into a powerful trader that raises tons of gold with almost no effort
Learn how even seasoned WoW players completely mess up their prioritiesin the game and what’s the number one thing you should focus onwhen it comes to making gold
Learn simple techniques that can make you plenty of gold in very little time, even if you’re a level 10 character
This guide will benefit experienced players, as well as beginners
I am so confident that my guides will work for you that with your order you will get a 100% Money Back guarantee
My guides are constantly updated for new patches and with your order you will receive FREE lifetime updates

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It costs about $250 to buy 10,000 gold from gold farming websites, with my gold making guide you can make 10,000 gold in just 7 days.

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“I’ve purchased other World of Warcraft guides before claiming to reveal so many secrets but they were so hard to read with a lot of useless info, yours is so much better”
--Matthew C.

“Flying Epic Mount In Just 2 Days!”

“Nyhm you were right. It took me only 2 days to get my Flying Epic Mount. Now I can enjoy the game even more and it’s so fun flying around so fast”

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“I can’t believe how easy some of these things are to do…I made 570 Gold yesterday without even leaving Stormwind. Thanks Man!”


“Used To Buy Gold”

“I have to admit that I was one of those people that bought gold from those gold selling websites. It was nice but I quickly spent it and kept spending more money to buy gold. A guild member told me about your guide so I decided to try it out and I’m very pleased. This guide paid for itself in the first day alone. I’m looking forward to the next release.”

--Marcus K.

“Currently Stand At 7,400 Gold”

“I purchased your gold guide a little while ago and my gold now currently stands at 7,400 and I already bought my Flying Epic Mount, great guide thanks!”

--Eddy D.

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